Stéphane Rolland Fall 2009

Samuel Cirnansck A/W 2013
Waaahhh, my standards are based entirely on rich white suburban-centric ideals of intelligence :(
I base a persons’ worth on whether or not they’re smart enough to hold a proper conversation with me, the most smartest, most handomest man in the whole wide world :(
Only people who are able to read and who enjoy reading are worth my time, because obviously anyone who finds reading difficult/boring or doesn’t have the money to waste on books is one of the lifeless, brainwashed sheeple whose intellects dull in comparison to the brilliant shine of my enormous brain :(
The other day I sat in a coffee shop and stared longingly over the rim of my glasses at the waify bespectacled girl reading Hemingway by the window :(
I just posted a Facebook status that said “The most broken people are often the most beautiful” but every single one of my friends who ‘liked’ it don’t understand it the way I do :(
I look for the dustiest tomes in used bookstores and jack off into them because nothing turns me on more than the thought of straight-up shoving my dick into the yellowed pages of a book the people I refused to have sex with would never be able to comprehend :(

Guo Pei

Soap Six Pack, Handmade Cold Process Olive Oil Soap With Shea Butter, Custom Gift Wrapped, Wedding Favors, Vegan Shaving Soap for USD 33.00 by aBreathofFrenchair


*wakes up* *Let’s Hear It for the Boy immediately starts playing*


Badgley Mischka Fall 2014

Does ignoring someone on tumblr stop them from seeing your posts? Is there any way to just straight-up hard block someone?


finished wrapping up all the soap i made a few months ago! #vsco #vscocam #diy #soap